Tuesday, January 8, 2019

 I need some help with this one.  I think this handsome model is Don Deckman, who was known to post for both Bob Mizer of AMG and for Pat Milo, but I have no info on the photo.  Anybody know?
Edited to add:  Viewer jsstrand informs us (with documentation, no less) that this is indeed Don Deckman and that the photographer was Pat Milo.  Thanks!


  1. Definitely Don Deckman - in my top 5 for many years - thanks for posting

  2. This photo is #4 of 16 shots of Don Deckman from sheet #2 of 8X10s for $1.50 each from Milo of Los Angeles - don't have a date but the address does include a zip code so its after that

    1. Thanks! It resembles two other Milo photos of him in my collection, but I wasn't sure. I will update the post and tag it as Pat Milo.

  3. He also did some work for Falcon Studios of Washington D.C - the address does not use zip code so I assume it was earlier in his career - I also have one color print identified as him with another unnamed guy wrestling on a bed wearing straps attributed to Champion - date on photo is Nov. '63