Monday, January 7, 2019

Observations after a month full time on Blogger

What a difference a month makes!

Having long ago prepared this blog as a possible refuge from tumblr due to past copyright issues, I was rather surprised to find myself here permanently due to tumblr's irrational and over-reactive ban of all nudity and adult material.  Well, so be it, and after a month here full time, I have noticed some significant changes that I will summarize.

Fewer followers.  Despite weeks of posting links and directions to this blog on the old tumblr, it seems that only a fraction of the followers made the move with me.  Having said that, the differences in format and record keeping devices may exaggerate the difference.  I am getting about 3,000 page views per day, and that's significant, I suppose.  It's just hard not to feel a loss when my tumblr peaked at 28,300 followers near the end.

More Europeans.  Based on comments, contacts, and most significantly, Blogger's built in source tracker of page views, I have a lot more Europeans viewing and participating than on tumblr.  While I still have mostly American viewers, I like the fact that there is a wider geographic base and point of view than before.

More intellectual participation.  This is where I have felt the biggest positive change.  Since switching over to Blogger, I have had a much more thoughtful group of primary participants.  Some very knowledgeable people have shared their expertise both in the comments and via the contact form.  This has resulted in broadening my knowledge base as well as some welcome and expert contributions toward future themes and essay type series.

Derriere Delights.  There seems to be a greater appreciation for rear views of male anatomy over here.  I was often disappointed with the reaction to derriere posts on tumblr, but no more.  The "Bum Brigade" has been more vocal in their approval of such material than ever.

And finally, I want to thank all of you for sticking with Vintage Muscle Men.  I appreciate each and every one of you folks.


  1. Thanks Jerry
    Your Belgian friend ;-)

  2. I manage my tumblr and other blog viewing via Feedly, so your switch to Blogger was, for me, as easy as re-entering your coordinates. Your posts and captions have always been thoughtful and interesting. I know your numbers will recover to a respectable level, though they're nothing to sniff at now

  3. Give it time. People adjust slowly to change. Your numbers will come back up. However, I must point out, despite pretensions, men are pigs. More full frontal may attract more attention, if it’s numbers you desire.