Saturday, January 19, 2019

This is another unknown Douglas of Detroit model, and a rare hairy model, for Doug at least.  It's not unusual for there to be a number of unidentified models in any collection of 1950's physique models, but I may have a higher percentage of such in my D of D collection than any other.  I have to wonder if that is because Doug's personal archive which might have matched 
names to photos was destroyed in the police raid.

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  1. Tous ces modèles sont magnifiques, mais celui-ci a ma préférence! Tout ces poils, c'est splendide, quelle marque de virilité. J'adore les hommes poilus, dommage que l'on ne voit que le modèle de face, il doit avoir des fesses exceptionnelles!
    All these models are beautiful, but this one has my preference! All this hair is beautiful, what a mark of virility. I love hairy men, a pity that we only see the model face, he must have exceptional buttocks