Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday's theme is the boy next door.  We don't usually expect these types to be furry, 
but this is the first of two such examples in today's set.  
Unfortunately, I have no information on this or most of the rest of today's photos.


  1. J'adore les hommes poilus et celui-ci est splendide!!! Qu'y-at-il de plus beau que des poils autour du sexe, sur la poitrine et les fesses (et même entre les fesses) chez un beau mâle???
    Quand postes-tu des photos de fesses bien velues? ;-)
    I love hairy men and this one is beautiful !!! What is more beautiful than hair around the sex on the chest and buttocks (and even between the buttocks) in a beautiful male ???
    When do you post pictures of hairy buttocks? ;-)

  2. Suspecting it's from Roy Dean.....

    1. Thanks, Chris. I had to google Roy Dean, but I like what I found. I need to research his work some more.

  3. I immediately thought Roy DeanDean, too.