Thursday, February 7, 2019

Scott Masters, a "new" photographer in my world

Scott Masters is best known as a producer and director of feature length gay porn movies for such studios as Nova, Catalina, and Studio 2000, for which he still works today as a consultant.  
He got his start, however, in the late 60's doing gay magazines.  I recently came across 
his work when I was putting together a collection of images for a set on defunct 
gay porn  mags, but I decided that I had to give him his own series.  We start with 
Tom Darren (sometimes spelled Darrin) who looks quite fetching in this Masters photo.


  1. Any idea(s) on how men were found and recruited to pose?

    1. The early physique photographers (1935-60) recruited at gyms and bodybuilding meccas like Muscle Beach. By the time Scott Masters came along in the late 60's it was more complex with colleges, bars, and even known hustler locations coming into play. And there was word of mouth, too.

    2. Thanks! I always wondered....

  2. There were also ads in the classified sections of the so-called "underground" newspapers of the time