Friday, March 15, 2019

Jim French and Colt Day, Part 1 - Early Photos

I'm finally getting around to doing a series on the remarkable artist and photographer Jim French (1932-2017) who is best know for Colt Studios, but also did business as Rip Colt and Luger.  French started out as an illustrator and commercial artist in New York in the early 60's before moving on to drawing bodybuilders.  From there, he branched out into drawing homoerotic nudes and photography.  So today will be Jim French/Colt day, starting with some of his early photos and finishing with some of his art for our Friday night art lesson.

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  1. I clearly remember the first Colt magazine I saw...I'd been working in a bowling alley as a pin chaser and on eof the other guys forgot to take it home (or stash it away). I was mesmerized! There was a man, standing in a bridge, naked except for boots and a leather jacket, one hand tugging downward on his cock. Whew....