Friday, March 15, 2019

Jim French and Colt Day, Part 2 - Erotic Art

Our Friday night art lesson may look like a new line-up for the Village People, but it is actually a demonstration of the thematic depth of Jim French's art work.  We start with some cowboys.  My Colt drawing collection has to many cowboys that I will probably do a series just on those soon.


  1. Jerry, je croyais que ces dessins était de Tom of Finland. Tu as choisis les dessins les plus softs, car si nous parlons du même artiste, il y en a de beaucoup plus hard!

    Jerry, I thought these drawings were from Tom of Finland. You have chosen the most soft drawings, because if we speak of the same artist, there are many more hard!

    1. Hello Albert , no this not TOF work . The Luger's Drawings were quite popular in Scandivian gay magazines (end of the 1970s or early 1980s if my memory is correct ). Cordialement . Jean