Thursday, March 14, 2019

Polaroid "instant" cameras were a tremendous boon to the amateur porn world as they allowed all sorts of photos to be made without having to deal with bothersome and/or nosy commercial photo developers.  Prior to Polaroids and the liberalization of laws/attitudes, there were actually photo labs in a number of cities where nudes, both gay and straight, could be discretely developed.  In the case of gays, there was even an underground "network" devoted to this purpose.  This photo looks like 1970's with an interesting inked talent for a model.  Note the crew socks.

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  1. A couple guys in my squadron had Polaroid's and sometimes used them to take photos of us in the barracks where a lot of casual nudity went on. No one seemed to mind. I sometimes wonder how many of those photos made it into magazines - and now to the internet.