Saturday, April 13, 2019

Denny Denfield's Color Nudes of Unknown Models

Denny Denfield was a 1950's amateur physique photographer who used the beautiful California beaches and deserts as the setting for his photos.  He was also known for his preponderant use of color at at time when it was not considered artistic to do so.  I think he proved that little axiom to be wrong.  Anyway, today I am featuring five of his color photos, all of unknown models.


  1. J'ai déjà vu beaucoup de photos de nus avec ce pont en arrière-plan. Serait-ce une plage naturiste ou un lieu de rencontre gay? Je ne connais pas du tout les USA. Quelq'un pourrait-il me répondre?
    I have already seen a lot of nude photos with this bridge in the background. Would it be a naturist beach or a gay meeting place? I do not know the USA at all. Could someone answer me?

    1. Albert, that is a popular beach where nudity has been tolerated for a long time. I don't know if it has been a gay meeting place, but being San Francisco, it easily could be.

  2. Handsome guy. Unfortunately, the color rendition of the photo at the level of the 1950s ... Technicolor as in old films :(