Sunday, April 28, 2019

Don Whitman's Western Photography Guild, Part 1 - Nudes with Whips

Don Whitman (1916-1998) was the founder and only photographer of the Western Photography Guild of Denver, Colorado.  He began photographing bodybuilders in 1947 and also established some major competitions for them in Denver.  Mr. Whitman's work appeared in a number of magazines, and out of town bodybuilders would visit him to be photographed.  Due to the repressive legal atmosphere, he had to be restrained in what he sold, so we have hundreds of men in posing straps and trunks from his early years.  As things loosened up, he began to sell nude photos, some of which he had take earlier and never published.  I think his work is exceptional, so it is Don Whitman day on the blog, beginning with the following nudes that are just a little bit kinky.

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  1. He looks so introspective, and from what I have read here on this blog and elsewhere on the internet and in print a very good person.