Sunday, April 28, 2019

For a somewhat conservative and mild mannered man, Don Whitman could go a bit on the wild side, and all of today's nudes feature men with whips, something just a teeny bit kinky.  Throughout his long career, the majority of WPG models were body builders, many championship level, but not this one.  The fellow with a partial erection to go along with his whip is Rory McLeod, and the photo is about as "out there" as one gets from Mr. Whitman.


  1. Jerry, c'est étrange que tu as posté cette photo! Toi qui ne nous montre JAMAIS d'homme en érection. Tu devrais un jour nous en montrer, après tout, un homme excité est tout à fait naturel. Ce n'est pas parce qu'une photo nous montre un pénis dur et long que cela serait pornographique... J'aime assez celui-ci, qui est comme j'aime. Poilu et en plus souriant et l'air heureux d'être là. :-)
    Jerry, it's strange that you posted this picture! You who NEVER show us man in erection. You should one day show us, after all, an excited man is quite natural. It's not because a picture shows us a hard and long penis that it would be pornographic ... I quite like this one, which is how I like it. Hairy and smiling and look happy to be there. :-)

  2. A great image. A hairy man relaxing outdoors as he plays with a whip. Clearly happy for us to see him and his erection as a natural reaction...