Friday, April 5, 2019

I've always wondered who (or what) the man in left background was.  Of course, the eye is immediately drawn to the young man on the sofa, but that other bit left me wondering.


  1. Toute cette série de photo des années '20 me laisse perplexe. Je trouve que dans chacun de ces clichés, il y a toujours une inconnue. Soit quelque chose en trop ou un élément manquant. Pourquoi ces poses? Les modèles ont l'air d'être attirés par un élément hors de la photo ou un élément est de trop (comme cet homme presque caché qui semble être un voyeur ). Je trouve ça troublant, à la limite, je suis mal à l'aise en regardant ces photos...
    All this photo series of the twenties is puzzling. I find that in each of these clichés, there is always an unknown. Either something extra or something missing. Why these poses? The models seem to be attracted by an element out of the photo or an element is too much (like this almost hidden man who seems to be a voyeur). I find it disturbing, at the limit, I'm uncomfortable looking at these pictures ...

    1. Albert, I received a note through the contact form that says that this photo was made in a Paris Bordello, and that the man on the couch was a male prostitute. Does that context make your feeling better . . . or worse?

  2. In the photo is a call boy. I have no doubt about it.