Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Today's item for the Bum Brigade features two models who immediately brings to mind the late 19th Germans who worked in Italy, von Gloeden and Pluschow.  Anyone know for sure?


  1. Après deux jours où il m'était impossible de commenter les photos de Jerry, me voici de retour!
    Réagir devant les photos splendides me manquait!
    Cette photo est très belle, mais je me pose une question... les hommes photographiés au début de la photographie avaient des pubis très poilus, par contre, il est rare de voir des fesses et des raies poilues. Serais-je le seul à remarquer cela?
    After two days where I could not comment on Jerry's photos, here I am back!
    Reaction to the beautiful photos I missed!
    This photo is very beautiful, but I ask myself a question ... the men photographed at the beginning of the photograph had very hairy pubis, on the other hand, it is rare to see buttocks and hairy stripes. Would I be the only one to notice that?

    1. Others have also noticed this in some photos of this era. Some of it had to do with the lighting not picking up the hair as well as we might hope.

  2. I don't know for sure, but the short hair is unusual for von Gloeden and Pluschow models. The neck chains suggest dog tags. The haircuts and possible tags imply military to me. There is almost the suggestion of an earring, but it does not appear in the right position. Really nice picture, wherever it is from!

  3. I think this is military's. Short haircuts, chains on the neck, the same-same tan from the underpants on the asses.