Friday, May 17, 2019

Chuck Renslow and Etienne, aka Dom Orejudos, Part 1 - Kris Studio Photos

Chuck Renslow (1929-2017) and Domingo Stephen "Dom"  Orejudos (1933-1991 and better known under his pen name Etienne) were lovers and pioneers of gay photography, art, and publication.  (I will feature a photo of them in today's art section.)  Chuck was the Kris Studio photographer, and Etienne was a talented erotic artist.  They naturally influenced each others' work, and todays two series will show examples of their work which show that influence to varying degrees.  We start with Bob Thompson and Harry Heflin who posed for this Renslow/Kris photo which was part of a series on the "domestic life" of a gay couple in the 60's.


  1. I remember Etienne and Tom of Finland. It seems that Tom's work has survived longer, though IMO the work of Etienne was better.