Monday, May 27, 2019

Splendor (and other things) in the Grass . . . or Ain't Nature Grand?

Today I'm taking Albert's suggestion and putting words in the mouths of some not quite comfortable models in the grass.  (I'm sure some of you can think of other uses for their mouths.)  Says this one:
"I'm fucking miserable.  I got car sick on the way up here, my ass feels like I'm sitting on broken glass, and I can feel things crawling on me.  All this for twenty lousy bucks!"


  1. J'ai toujours adoré imaginer ce que les modèles auraient pu dire. J'avais une collection de "Qu'auraient-ils pu dire".
    Voici par exemple ce que moi, j'aurai pu lui faire dire...
    "Dépêche-toi de faire ta photo, je suis assis sur un nid de fourmis"
    I have always loved to imagine what the models could have said. I had a collection of "What could they have said?"
    Here is for example what I, I could have made him say ...
    "Hurry up to do your picture, I'm sitting on an ant nest"

  2. The guy really is not in comfort, face grimace just a nightmare. Why then pose? Although the guy is cute.

    1. I agree completely! It surprises me somewhat that this was ever published, but like you say, the guy is cute.