Wednesday, May 1, 2019

These are the Ritter Brothers (Fred and William) wrestling outdoors.  They were both models and photographers who would pick up men at New York area gyms and take them home to 
photograph . . .  and who knows what else.  They modeled for the brilliant George Platt Lynes for a time, but it isn't known who took this shot.  They sometimes photographed themselves using tripods and timers, and that is my best guess on this one.  I need to do a series on these interesting men.

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  1. For many men, wrestling is the first orgasm. It wasn't mine, but it was the first orgasm I remember with another male.

    In the 70s, gay culture moved toward anal. Largely the emphasis of porno movies. Before that, men into anal were called "brownie queens".

    I still like naked wrestling (and eschew anal, it does nothing for me), and I was born long after this Thermidor started.