Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wrestling Physique Models from the 1940's

One of my college psychology professors told the class in 1970 that professional wrestling was sublimated homosexual desire.  Some in the class were shocked, and some of us gave each other knowing glances.  (Guess which group I was in.)  Anyway, today's theme is 1940's wrestlers, and our nude section begins with Larry Carr and Tom Matthews in the 
first of two Kovert of Hollywood photos in this series.


  1. "professional wrestling was sublimated homosexual desire"

    Seems unlikely to me. Most of the wrestlers were very unattractive, both in appearance and behavior.

    I always enjoyed participating in wrestling, but I never found it erotic in the least. It's pure aggression.

  2. Did any of these models actually wrestle? These pix all seem so staged. This one seems particularly staged.

    1. Generally speaking, no, and the staging is all over the place in terms of quality.

  3. Regardless of being staged
    The picture exudes pure sensuality. Thanks for sharing