Friday, May 3, 2019

This is Bernard Hall, the only Sierra Domino model I have found using a first and last name . . . but then again that might not have been his real name.  (I have seen that "AMITH" mark on Playgirl photos, but his is definitely Sierra Domino, even appearing in one of Craig Anderson"s newsletters.)
Edited to add:  See comment from James IV for an explanation of the watermark.


  1. Hot⚘Muthrafuckerz Chocolate

  2. AMITH. From a stupid site that puts its initials on all photos posted. It's not their photo, but now it has their "signature". How egotistic.

    1. Thanks, James. And yes, it's pretty silly to watermark work that's not your own.

  3. This will make a great poster.

  4. Mister Hall has one beautiful phallus, PHALLUS not cock! In ancient times he would have been worshipped as a fertility god. His cock and balls are incredible.
    Wouldn't surprise me if had boyfriends and girlfriends, he has so much to give.
    Beautiful muscular body, rugged good looks and bet he stands his ground...:)