Saturday, June 8, 2019

R.A. Enterprises was perhaps the best known publishing business owned by Richard Fontaine who also worked under the names Apollo and Zenith.  Best known in the annals of gay media as one of the earliest film makers, he produced bodybuilder posing films as early as 1949.  I will focus on his still photography from R.A. in today's series.  This statuesque R.A. photo of Frank Hlivjka seems to me to be a holdover from Fontaine's days as Zenith (late 50's) that probably wasn't legally publishable at the time it was made.  Fully nude Apollo and Zenith photos are hard to find, and the search process is complicated by the numerous Classical statues that invariably turn up, but I'm still looking.


  1. J'adore ces époques où les hommes étaient naturels. Ils gardaient leurs poils pubiens et n'avaient pas la mauvaise idée de les raser!!! Au fait avez-vous remarqué que de moins en moins d'homme ont de belle toison bien fournie au dessus de leur pénis?
    I love those times when men were natural. They kept their pubic hair and did not have the bad idea to shave them !!! By the way did you notice that less and less man have beautiful fleece well furnished above their penis?

  2. Dans certains milieux gay, cet athlète aurait beaucoup de succès!! Un maître du fist ????
    In some gay circles, this athlete would be very successful !! A master of fist ????

  3. FRANK HILVJKA who posed for R.A. Enterprises sounded like he was Scandanavian. Did you ever find out any information about him? Like what time period he posed or where he was from? Any information would ne great.

    1. I believe the name is Slavic, likely Czech or Moravian. As noted above, the best anyone can date his work is late 1950s, based on the trade name Richard Fontaine was using. That's all I know.