Monday, July 1, 2019

Bare model and almost bare bookshelves.


  1. Je suis content que ce splendide jeune homme possède encore de la place dans sa bibliothèque. Il pourra acheter mes 12 livres déjà parus et remplir un rayon complet de son étagère... Pour information, tout mes livres sont écrits en français et je n'ai pas encore été traduit en anglais ;-(
    I'm glad this splendid young man still has room in his library. He will be able to buy my 12 already published books and fill a full radius of his shelf ... For information, all my books are written in French and I have not yet been translated into English ;-(

    1. I'm almost afraid to ask, but what sort of books do you write, Albert?


    2. I write novels based on historical facts or news that impressed me. There is always a little sex to put a little spice then I let my imagination run and I have a lot. I already wrote a story with Jack the Ripper (I had discovered his identity BEFORE Scotland Yard in September 2014). I wrote a novel with the subject, the theory of flat earth. A book on Michael Angelo's jealousy about Leonardo da Vinci. I wrote a book with Mary Magdalene that would have become eternal to defend the woman with the Catholic Church. A book about white magic versus black magic. A book on time machine that was invented by Alan Turing. You see Jerry, I talk a lot about two characters that are in my books Robert (the spy journalist) and David (his photographer his gay boyfriend) :-)
      (12books) :-)

      Look URL :

    3. Sounds very interesting, Albert. You should really work at getting them translated.


  2. Jerry, I do not sell enough (in French, a few dozen), translate is very expensive. Too bad... ;-(