Monday, July 8, 2019

Dave Martin, Annotated

The enormously talented physique photographer David Martin was in the habit of sometimes sticking notes on some of his photos giving the name, interests, and group affiliations of the models.  Most of these were college students, but some were soldiers, sheet metal workers, and even a cop.  Today I am featuring paired captioned and uncaptioned photos of the same models.  We start with Wilbur "Bud" Counts, one of my favorite bigger models of the 50's.


  1. Also a favorite of mine especially this particular one

  2. And a favourite of mine too. A classic physique.

  3. Well there seems to be unanimity here ! Jerry more photos of this guy please . Thanks . Jean

    1. OK, I promise a Bud Counts Day sometime before the end of summer. I think I have photos of him by several photographers, and that should make it even more interesting. His real name is "Wilbur" btw.