Monday, July 1, 2019


Here we have what looks like a student from a posh private school who ditched his pants before hitting the books.  And what is that round thing on the right side of the picture?


  1. Ce n'est pas un de mes livres qu'il a en main... je pense qu'il serait plus excité que ça si il lisait un des miens LOL
    This is not one of my books that he has in his hand ... I think he would be more excited than that if he read one of mine LOL

  2. I think that is part of the reflector shade for one of the lights that is lighting him - check the shadow on the wall behind his head - must have been an amateur photographer to have left that in the shot

    1. True. I had thought of an antique gramophone being a decor item in the library as another possibility.

    2. I thought gramophone horn first (although it is not very ornate), but a closer look reveals it to be the light reflector. The shadows on the reflector go the other way from what I first saw (convex instead of concave). I would guess it is painted a dark color on the outside, as that was common back then.