Friday, July 5, 2019

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925, self portrait above) was an American artist who spent most of his life in Europe where he first gained notice as a portraitist to the wealthy.  Generally considered to be homosexual, he only partially kept his private life private, with an episode in Venice having been described by fellow artist Jacque-Emile Blanche as Sargent “buggering a succession of gondoliers.”  Hmmm … sounds like our kind of guy.  Anyway, today's art posts consist of Sargent's charcoal drawings of Italian men, some of whom were probably among those gondoliers.   


  1. J'adore ce que cet 'enculeur de gondoliers' a dessiné !! LOL

    I love what this 'gondolier fucker' has designed !! LOL

  2. Many thanks for posting these. Ever since I started modelling I've been drawn to his quiet eroticism. Handsome, moustachioed, sometimes fairly mature muscular Edwardian men posing for "bachelor" artists. So often the detailed beauty of their many male life drawings tells us perhaps their true love. I feel part of that world.

    1. I'm happy to post them, and I sometimes daydream about meeting these types.

    2. A friend said that I am pursuing a 19th century career in the 21st century. In September I'm probably modelling for The London Sketch Club. It's over a hundred years old....I'll be part of a tradition..