Friday, July 5, 2019

This is Nicola D'Inverno, Sargent's valet who frequently modeled for him.  Nicola was Italian born, but it is unknown how Sargent met him.  Was he one of those gondoliers Sargent picked up in Venice?  Was he also Sargent's lover?  He worked for and lived with Sargent for 24 years and even posed as a woman for one painting.  Hard to imagine them not being sexually involved.


  1. This pose nicely illustrates the slight awkwardness the model gets when posing. Lifting the torso has created a nice arch to the to the abdomen. One I have done many times. This always shows off the ribs well. Apparently stable yet he is restless, not sure how to comfortably place his legs and feet..sort of still, but he wants to move...the sign of a good artist that he has captured this. I wonder how long the pose was..Delightful