Monday, July 8, 2019

This photo of Greg Bradford is one of the few captioned by Dave Martin for which I could not find a matching uncaptioned version.  I'm including it for the amusement of Albert and the Bum Brigade.
Edited to add:  See comment below by Carlorman for some interesting additional information.


  1. Merci pour cette pensée Jerry :-)
    Thanks for that thought Jerry :-)

  2. He looks like a well built Rory Calhoun

  3. A lovely rear and classic bamboo screen background..

  4. I always thought that Greg Bradford was a pseudonym used by Dave Martin for the perennial favourite Joe Napoli (sometimes, oddly, Napolie), who posed for nearly all the big stables and spanned the pouch-to-nude era. Muscular, he also bridged the gap between the bodybuilder proper and the emerging gay porn scene, after which he simply disappeared. I wonder what happened to him.