Thursday, August 8, 2019

"In just seven days, I can make you a man."

Charles Atlas (1892-1972) wasn't the first guy to mass merchandise fitness regimens, but he was far and away the most successful.  Although he began selling courses with a partner in 1922, he went solo as Charles Atlas, Ltd. in 1929, and the company remains in business in 2019.  The photo above is from 1921 when he won the title of World's Most Handsome Man under his real name, Angelo Siciliano.  There are no known frontal nudes of Atlas, so this will mostly be a day of the derriere. 


  1. Je trouve vraiment cela très laid, un homme nu avec des chaussettes !!! Lol
    I really find it very ugly, a naked man with socks !!! lol

    1. It's odd, but I've seen it in a few other old photos.

  2. I remember him from 1940s-1950s comic books with his photograph advertising body building courses - Tony Sansone was there as well as Charles Weider -