Saturday, August 3, 2019

Mr. Scumbeast called this one "Breaking Rocks," and it came from his collection.
It looks like some sort of prison work detail or nudist labor camp.


  1. This has Always been one of my favourites , thanks Jarry !

  2. Jerry, je pense qu'à une certaine époque, les hommes qui executaient des travaux très lourds avaient pour habitudes de se mettre nus. Mon beau-père, qui travaillait dans les mines, ne me l'a jamais confié, mais je pense qu'ils le faisaient. J'ai aussi des métallurgistes dans mes connaissances qui travaillaient nus à cause de la chaleur. Je dois aussi dire que ces métiers n'étaient pratiqués que par des hommes.
    Jerry, I think that at one time, men who did heavy work had the habit of getting naked. My father-in-law, who worked in the mines, never gave it to me, but I think they did. I also have metallurgists in my acquaintances who worked naked because of the heat. I must also say that these trades were practiced only by men.

    1. I think it's unlikely that people would work without shoes, no matter how hot it was. Plus, out in the fields, protection from the sun is/was very important. And since this guy has a very nice haircut, a worked-out physique, the photo is clearly posed.