Friday, August 16, 2019

Pairs Day, Part One - 1960's Physique Models

Everything on the blog today comes in pairs.  In this one, one guy seems to be deep 
in contemplation about what to do next when it really looks pretty obvious to me.


  1. At what point did the physique and naturist photos in magazines begin featuring erections? I'm curious because it seems to be a staple now among the gay magazines and e-zines; the single guy lounging around with a hard-on.

    1. Good question. I don't think it became common until the mid-70's, but they were around in the late 60's when the US courts struck down some of the obscenity laws. Perhaps others who know more than me will chime in.

    2. I had the opportunity to see magazines late sixties with erect men. But I think it was French magazines. I am not sure...

  2. J'aime l'attitude du garçon dominant qui ne sait pas exactement ce qu'il doit faire de son esclave. Un novice sans doute...
    I like the attitude of the dominant boy who does not know exactly what to do with his slave. A novice, no doubt ...