Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The style of photography used by Arax could perhaps best be described as "keep it simple and make it all about the men's bodies."  That did not, however, keep him from the judicious use 
of simple props to accentuate certain elements or give the impression of motion.  
This photo of  Jean Merlier with a chain is a good example.


  1. one of the finest Physiques in France, thanks for posting. Others that come to mind are Charles Kasssapian, Gerard Olivier and Jean Merlier. Gregor Arax was probably the best Physique Photographer in Europe ;

  2. Probably my favourite of the series. Although slightly misty the pose is beautifully done. I particularly like Jean's tense neck muscles in line with his left arm and leg. I'm trying to judge how much weight on that chain. I think he is using it more to balance...I'l have to try this..