Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Derrieres by the Numbers, Starting with One

Today I salute the Bum Brigade and its President Albert Sottiaux with a Day of the Derriere by numbers counting upward.  We start with one swimming pool surfer by AMG especially for Albert.


  1. Cher Jerry,
    Merci pour cette série de photo, c'est un honneur pour moi d'être le président de la brigade Bum. Je ne sais pas si ma brigade comporte de nombreux membres, mais je souhaiterais qu'il se mnifeste au moins une fois, même de façon anonyme sous ce commentaire.
    Je suppose que je ne suis pas le seul à apprécier les belles fesses d'hommes. Tu as bien choisi la photo pour ton commentaire, Jerry, tu sais que j'aime les fesses poilues. Salutations à tous ceux qui partage la même passion que moi pour les belles courbes masculines.
    Albert Sottiaux (de Belgique)
    Dear Jerry,
    Thank you for this photo series, it is an honor for me to be the president of the Bum Brigade. I do not know if there are many members in my brigade, but I would like him to show himself at least once, even anonymously under this comment.
    I guess I'm not the only one to appreciate the beautiful buttocks of men. You have chosen the photo for your comment, Jerry, you know that I love hairy buttocks. Greetings to all who share the same passion as me for the beautiful masculine curves.
    Albert Sottiaux (from Belgium)

  2. This one was (I think) named "Dave".

  3. Correction: This is Ron Barnes who stopped by AMG in 1977.