Thursday, September 12, 2019

Five Sports, Five Locker Rooms

I don't know why, but I never thought of horse racing jockey as having locker rooms.  Well, it seems they do . . . or did anyway.  Today well look at five locker rooms from five different sports, starting with the 1937 Kentucky Derby as photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt.  Most of today's photos 
were generously researched and shared with me by Larry from Hawaii.


  1. I still find it amazing how society went from (required) male nude swimming, and male nude photos in a respected magazine such as LIFE and reverting to such Puritanism.... It wasn't that long ago that frontal nudity would garner an automatic X rating. And, we still have issues with male frontal, NC-17; and a simple male butt gets you an R. Is there a Sociologist in the House????

    1. The thing about film ratings is a myth, Cf. Terminator or more recently Brokeback Mountain.