Friday, September 27, 2019

Literary Day, Part 1 - Nude and Semi-nude Authors

Our R-rated series for Friday features some nude and semi-nude literary figures.
We start with Allen Ginsberg from 1985 which is way beyond my usual 1975 cutoff for vintage.
I'm using it anyway for two reasons.  First, authors seem to be shy about frontal nude photos, and Ginsberg wasn't.  Second, I did an honors English term paper on the man and am a huge fan.


  1. Great set. The fear may have been that thier readers would abandon them if they saw their authors as real people. (shrug) The one purported to be sure looks like him.

  2. Jerry, si tu m'avais annoncé que tu recherchais des photos d'auteurs nus, je t'aurais envoyé des photos de moi!! LOLLLLLLLL
    Jerry, if you had told me that you were looking for pictures of nude authors, I would have sent you photos of me !! LOLLLLLLLL