Wednesday, October 30, 2019

This is probably my all time favorite Bob Delmonteque photo despite the subdued nudity.  I have always found it odd that he posed fully nude for so many photos, but took only a very few such pictures as a photographer of other models.  Perhaps he was afraid of the prospect of arrest and imprisonment that so many others faced, most notably Douglas of Detroit.  It is also worth pointing out that none of the official biographies and tributes on the internet mention his nude modeling.


  1. Love the subtle lighting. A pose for me to try...Strange about not mentioning his nude modelling.

    1. Whichever of the birth years may have been correct, he was of a generation where nude modeling was not seen as mainstream or something to be celebrated. There were exceptions of course, but he and/or his biographers apparently preferred for him to be known and remembered as a fitness guru.

    2. I discovered him about ten years ago via his nude pictures. Like with Jack LaLanne I had no idea he was such a fitness guru and celebrity.For some reason, maybe product sponsorship he didn't break through here in England.