Sunday, November 24, 2019

Louis Igout Day, Part 1

Doing a Louis Igout (1837-1881) double feature today.  He was a contemporary of Gaudenzio Marconi, and both men produced albums of nude photos which were used by artists as a substitute for live models.  I've often wondered how these photographers acquired their male models because some of them look like working men making some money on the side.  Did they approach attractive men at labor exchanges and say,  "Hey, wanna make some easy money?"  And before you jump to conclusions, it should be noted that both photographers photographed women as well as men. 


  1. you would expect from a certain London life model..thank you, these are lovely. Interesting to speculate as to how he recruited models. At the time was it considered to be something shameful or, perhaps seen as enlightened? Proudly displaying their bodies, built from hard work for art. Maybe bath houses? Discrete notices in photographer's windows?

    1. I knew I'd hear from you, lol. Thanks for your thoughts.