Saturday, December 21, 2019

Small Ones . . . Nudists This Time

Time for another "small ones" series, only with nudists instead of physique models this time.
Nudists tend to not be self conscious, so there is a lot of material to pick from.


  1. Étrange la pilosité de ce jeune homme aux poils si foncés. Se serait-il épilé ou sa toison pubienne serait-elle le seul endroit où ses poils se sont dévellopés?
    The hairiness of this young man with so dark hair is strange. Would he be shaved or would his pubic fleece be the only place where his hair grew?

  2. Delightful photograph. As you say nudists totally non self concious, which is great. I rather like his cut "small one"...Nicely set off by his natural bush.

  3. I have participated in many naked 5K races at nudist resorts. I enjoy the freedom of being naked with men and women of all body types. Those of us with "small ones" fit right in with the guys who are "super sized". Seeing photos from nudist resorts bring back happy memories.

    1. That's great to hear, I'm planning my first naked 5k in May. And your comments regards nudist resorts.. so true, being naked amongst those of all body types is liberating, accepting that we are all unique. I'm quite "small" most of the time. It has never been an issue for me. When life modelling I accept natural size. As with the guy in the photo, I think it looks good.

    2. We have a nude beach here on the Big Island, and it's always nice to see the casual and accepting approach to nudity. Unfortunately, it's a relatively dangerous place to swim, so one has to be exceptionally aware of ocean conditions.

  4. It is great to see small ones like me, at nudist parks.