Friday, January 24, 2020

Antoine-Alphose Montfort's Academic Work

Antoine-Alphonse Montfort (1802-1884) was a very successful French painter who is best know for his "Orientalist" work featuring Arab and Turkish themes.  Our interest will be drawn, however, to his early academic drawings featuring male nudes.  This portrait of Montfort is by Paul Delaroche.


  1. Thank you for posting these. The male nude of Montfort were new to me. Certainly inspiring...

    1. My blogging emphasis on academic painting is because from about 1780 to 1920 practically all art schools had a compulsory life drawing component, usually using nude models. Thus there are a number of voluminous resources for material for a blog like this. Unfortunately, a lot of these very talented artists (like Montfort) apparently never did male nudes again. And of course some of them never did much of anything, but that's another story.