Friday, January 24, 2020

The lighting and impressive depiction of the confident stance of the model make 
this Montfort drawing one of my very favorite pieces of academic art.  
Don't be surprised if it shows up on one of my future favorites list.


  1. Wow...that is so beautiful...a stunning pose..a celebration of the male body. Now a favourite of mine..

    1. Apparently that's a widely held opinion, my friend. I have a number of viewers who don't post comments for various reasons, and several of them sent me emails in praise of this drawing.

    2. I'm not surprised. For me it is not only a superb example of the classic academic style but it embodies the spirit of the male life model. I know exactly how he feels...

    3. Perhaps I should is the sense of elation one gets when modelling. Tricky to define, other models have confirmed this with me. It's probably due to holding oneself in a pose. Nerve impulses and brain chemicals expect we will move from that position..but we don't..having been modelling for over three years I still get it every time..

    4. Interesting description of an experience most never have.