Sunday, January 26, 2020

Boating Day, Part 1 - Naked Men

Since I live on an island, boats figure in the daily experience.  Our R rated set today features a diverse group of nude men in and around boats, while the G rated set will feature rowing teams.
We start with a pleasing young man and a glimpse of derriere in the background.


  1. Très belle photo! Je ne comprends pas qu'il est de plus en plus rare de voir de nos jours, des hommes quasiment imberbe, mais avec un pubis hyper poilu comme ce jeune homme! Quand à l'autre qui tente de remonter dans le bateau, il a un beau petit cul !! :-)
    Very beautiful photo! I do not understand that it is more and more rare to see nowadays, almost beardless men, but with a hyper hairy pubis like this young man! As for the other who tries to get back into the boat, he has a nice little ass !! :-)

  2. Lovely image...a couple of naked tanned guys mucking about in the warm sea..