Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Did Muybridge call in his male ballet dancer model for this wrestling session?
There seems to be some sort of dancing going on here, and I like it.


  1. Sans être un bagarreur, j'aurais aimé un jour me battre nu avec un homme. Cela devait être excitant de sentir la peau moite et chaude de l'adversaire contre la sienne. Je ne pense pas que j'eusse gagné, mais me sentir dominé par un homme très musclé ne m'aurait pas déplu... Cela restera un fantasme. J'ai connu une situation un peu similaire un jour dans une piscine où un de mes amis très costaud a simulé une bagarre avec moi. Mais nous étions en maillot et dans l'eau...
    Without being a brawler, I would have liked to fight naked with a man one day. It must have been exciting to feel the opponent's warm, moist skin against hers. I don't think I would have won, but feeling dominated by a very muscular man wouldn't have displeased me ... It will remain a fantasy. I experienced a somewhat similar situation one day in a swimming pool where one of my very strong friends simulated a fight with me. But we were in swimsuits and in the water ...

  2. Wow...a very sensuous image. There is something rather special when men wrestle naked. As Albert mentions, feeling the opponent's warm moist skin next to yours. Having done this several times for art, I can confirm that it is even if you are trying to avoid it very sexually charged. Also rather sweaty... something everyman should try...