Friday, January 10, 2020

Kris and Etienne, Part 1 - The Artistic Side of Chuck Renslow

Chuck Renslow of Kris Studio and his partner Etienne were groundbreaking figures in gay photography and art respectively, and they are the subject of today's double feature on the blog.
Mr. Renslow was best known for pushing the repressive legal limits on artistic freedom and for his lether themes, but he also did some artistic work which is shown in the first half of today's series.
Bill Griffin is straight on and fully engaged with the camera in this well lighted Kris photo.
Used by kind permission of the copyright holder, 
Leather Archives and Museum, Chicago, Illinois, USA


  1. His photography is stunningly beautiful. And, it's not because oft he lighting, he captures mood in the images. Thank you for getting permission to post them!

    1. Yes, he does capture mood quite well, and I think the lighting can often help with that.

  2. Beaming with pride, he knows he's got IT.