Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Lon of New York Day . . . Again, Part 1 - Nudes

Lon of New York, aka Alonzo Hanagan, was one of the great mid-20th Century physique photographers, and he was arrested, beaten, harassed, and jailed for distributing frontal nude photos of men.  He persisted, however, and we are fortunate to have a good sized body of his work today.  So once again I am featuring  Lon's work in a double feature.  We start with one of my favorite Lon models, Jerry Rocco, at the St. George Baths changing rooms in ca. 1940.
We must never forget those who fought and suffered for our freedom.


  1. I still find it frustrating when I think about what the photographers went through. How ridiculous it all was; how petty it seems today.

    1. I keep reminding everyone about that history because there are those who would turn back the clock if they could.

  2. Encore un homme qui ne devrait pas me le demander deux fois pour que je me retrouve dans son lit!!!
    Another man who shouldn't ask me twice so that I end up in bed !!!