Wednesday, January 8, 2020

I like the facial expressions on these two unknown Lon models.  The guy at left looks confused, 
while the one at right looks like he knows exactly what he wants.


  1. it would be the opposite with me , I would be very attracted by the guy on the right and probably my anatomy would have betrayed me !

  2. J'aime beaucoup les deux modèles. Celui de gauche pour son physique parfait d'athlète et celui de droite pour l'épaisseur de sa toison pubienne! J'adore ce cliché!!!
    I really like both models. The one on the left for his perfect athletic physique and the one on the right for the thickness of his pubic fleece! I love this shot !!!

  3. I love the slight awkwardness between these two. Was it the first time they had posed as a duo? I know from my own experience there is, even if you know the other model well you tend to adopt a certain disinterest in the other model. yet at the same time you are checking him out...Ideally this generates good chemistry between two naked men.

    1. They did a whole series, probably during that same session. I get the feeling that this one might have been the first.