Thursday, January 23, 2020

My Top Five Favorite Photos . . . for now, anyway.

I had a request from a loyal viewer to post my five current favorite photo, so I am obliging.  Those of you who have followed my postings for a long time will undoubtedly notice that the list has changed over time.  That shouldn't surprise anyone, though, because I have over 30,000 photos in my personal collection.  I am starting with the mid-20th C. physique genre because:  a) there is such a vast amount of material, and b) because much of that material is excellent.  For this round, I have chosen a photo of Bill Grant that is often, but not always, attributed to Pat Milo.  Bill was photographed by a number of outstanding photographers, and for good reason.  I like this shot from later in his career because it artistically shows how well he matured and shows his natural body hair.  Click on the label below the photo for some more biography and some of my other favorites of this great model.


  1. Jerry, si cette photo est parmi l'une de tes préférées, je peux te dire que nous avons les mêmes goûts! Ce modèle est sublime!!!
    Jerry, if this photo is one of your favorite, I can tell you that we have the same tastes! This model is sublime !!!

  2. A very good choice. Still magnificent as mature and furry.

    1. Yes, more than a few men actually get better with age.

  3. Beautifully composed and illuminated...great choice, thank you.

  4. Great photo, handsome model. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Bill Grant tres tamise sur cette image, meme l'eclairage est tamise.
    Ameliore sa virilite.

    Gentilhomme a Paris