Thursday, January 23, 2020

I couldn't do a favorites list without some military nudity.  I chose this World War I photo of Germans in an outdoor shower because of the completely comfortable way the men seem to be dealing with having their photo made while totally nude.  No one bothered to cover up.


  1. J'adore ce genre de photos prisent sur le vif!! La vie réelle des soldats pendant la douche est à la fois touchante et extrêmement excitante !
    I love this kind of photos taken on the spot !! The real life of the soldiers during the shower is both touching and extremely exciting!

  2. Yet another excellent example of much missed old style public nudity. As it is normal to be nude for this activity ..we are..

  3. Wish I could thank these guys for being comfortable enough to appear in this photo. (They seem to enjoy it.) And to thank the photographer who preserved the photo. This is my favorite of your favorites.


    1. Nick, this photo has evoked a surprising response. Besides those of you who have commented directly here on the blog, I have received a number of private messages and emails, some of them quite moving regarding the carnage these men faced.