Thursday, January 23, 2020

This composite I made is my nod to both the G-rated category and to Thomas Eakins, the gay artist, photographer, and pioneering educator who stood Philadelphia society on its head.  The featured character here is George Schenck, a student of Eakins who paid his tuition by being the janitor at Eakins' teaching studio.  An artist in his own right, Schenck was referred to by Eakins as "The Bohemian." He lived into the late 1920's and was described by several writers and others who knew him as homosexual.  These photos of this beautiful man are among my all time favorites.


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    1. Google him sometime and learn about his life. Takes some effort, but it's worth it. He was so poor at one point that he did some of his paintings on the window shades of his humble home.

  2. I will do. He sounds fascinating. An almost lost world..