Monday, February 17, 2020

Austro-Hungarian World War I Photos

Until 1918, Austria-Hungary was one of the largest countries in Europe.  Their Balkan 
adventures led to the First World War and the dissolution of their Empire, 
but in the meantime they left some photos behind that might interest us.  
Here we see what I believe to be the tonsorial component of a delousing operation.


  1. Je préfère de loin ces photos qui nous montrent une tranche d'histoire, même si elle nous décrit un fait dramatique, à un séance de pose en studio. J'aime l'art photographique et en particulier le nu masculin. Mais cettte série, nous fait regarder chaque détails, dans le but de nous faire comprendre le sens de la photo. A la limite le spectateur en oublie la nudité des hommes...
    I much prefer these photos which show us a slice of history, even if it describes a dramatic fact, to a studio session. I like the photographic art and in particular the male nude. But this series, makes us look at each detail, in order to make us understand the meaning of the photo. Ultimately the viewer forgets the nakedness of men ...

    1. I often choose not to post pictures of prisoners, especially if they appear to have been mistreated. In this case they seem well fed and are being looked after. I have others, mainly from World War II, that are borderline horrific and will never be seen here.