Sunday, February 23, 2020

I believe this relatively rare Mydans color photograph was made when he accompanied then Vice President Richard Nixon on his famous trip to the Soviet Union.


  1. What a fabulous photograph of the quality products of the Red October Bikini Factory No 52 from Rostov in the Yaroslavl Oblast of the Russian SSR. I must say I find the example to the extreme left of homo Sovieticus to be quite fetching.

    1. I have seen modern photos of Russians still doing this, but they seem to wear speedos nowadays.

  2. Soviet Russia had some of the skimpiest swimwear even before this photo was taken. You can see old newreels for the 50s and 60s of Russian beaches in Soviet times with men wearing suits just like the youth on the left. Yurek of Yalta must have designed it and waited for Stalin to kick the bucket to bring it out. Then again maybe they were made skimpy to save materials to meet one of the 5 year plans for textile production.

  3. Zimski prizor, tako pogost v Moskvi.