Saturday, February 8, 2020

Magazine Centerfolds

I get a lot of mail from men whose first experience with male nude photography was the magazines of the late 1960's and 1970's.  The centerfold was usually the first thing many hurried to see, and I am featuring some of those today.  I think our first example is from 1973, but I'm not sure because it's hard to read the print at the bottom.  The name of the magazine may be there, too, but I can't read it.  Edited to add:  My friend Dan enlarged this and sharpened it to find that it is from Ciao, Jan-Feb 1973 edition.


  1. Quelle toison pubienne celui de gauche, malgré qu'il est très jeune !! J'adore !!!
    What a pubic fleece the one on the left, despite being very young !! I love !!!

  2. I love stuff like this! I wonder if they were professional models or just some friends hanging out on a nude beach. Young people were so skinny back then.

    1. They do look like they might have done it on a lark.