Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Polaroids, only amateur this time

I've posted polaroid photos before by the very accomplished Tom Bianchi and Jim French of Colt.  Today, however, we are going utterly amateur, starting with this guy sprawled on a bed.


  1. Salut Jerry, j'ai fait ce genre de photo quand j'étais beaucoup plus jeune. Si je les retrouve, je te les envoie. Tu pourras les diffuser car elle datait d'avant 1975. Il s'agissait bien sûr d'auto-portrait qui n'était pas toujours de très bonne qualité, mais tu apprécieras, je pense.. Ce sera à toi de voir , si je les retrouve... ;-)
    Hi Jerry, I did this kind of photo when I was much younger. If I find them, I'll send them to you. You can distribute them because it dates from before 1975. It was of course self-portrait which was not always of very good quality, but you will appreciate, I think .. It will be up to you to see, if I find them ... ;-)

    1. Yes, I am interested . . . for historical reasons of course. LOL.