Thursday, March 5, 2020

Random Beefcake

Today is one of those times when I'm too lazy to sort out a theme, so I'm posting 
five pretty much random photos from my uncategorized photo files.  
We start with a guy brushing his teeth at an outdoor faucet.  I just noticed the old car in the background, but I'm also too lazy to move it to the car section of my archive.


  1. Ooh, naked guys brushing their teeth is a particular "thing" of mine <3 You should give this an "ablutions" tag, too. I was going to request a toothbrushing addendum to the Ablutions segment. I can contribute some, though probably only a couple are in your "vintage era"

    1. Sorry, I have too many tags already. There are a few I'd like to delete, but I don't know how, lol.